One Specific Query

Your specific query through your horoscope related to matrimonial affaire, education, profession, job related matters or any specific problems which you are facing now a days can also be answered on the basis of your birth chart. No Horoscope will be supplied only query will be answered in detailed giving the solutions.

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Horoscope & Predictions

The basis of Horoscope is Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth. If any person provides these fundamental facts the Horoscope can be prepared.

The Horoscope after getting the facts from you will be prepare and I will be able to give you general prediction based on your Horoscope for a period of five years. Your Horoscope and prediction will be mailed to you after getting assured amount.

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Gives you the auspicious time based on your birth chart to begin important events in your life. The auspicious time selected by me will ensure the successful completion of the event Plan your events at the right mahuratha suggested by me.

Auspicious time for marriage, construction of house and also celebrating the important event in your day to day life may be suggested

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Match Making ( Horoscope Compatibility ):

Marriages are made in Heaven. Let us help YOU to Decide the BEST ONE for YOU>

“Marriages are made in heaven” is a common proverb. But now a day’s all over the world people like that his son or daughter must get a right mate so that the future life is not only secured but a blissful conjugal life must await them.

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Horary (Prashna Kundli)

Facing a Problem? Don’t know what to do? Ask a question and get astrological guidance on whatever problem you are facing. Your problems may be severe but may well be settled by simple astrological guidance and remedies.

Horary is a branch of ASTRLOGY. It is mysterious, perfect, wonderful and most useful. After thoroughly understanding the principles, one can offer correct prediction.

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Indian Numerology

Numerology is a science which speaks of hidden power in Numbers. The study and use of that power is called Numerology. It was known to Babylonians, the Greeks, the Phoenicians and the Hebrews. Cheiro in the modern age developed lucid teaching on the science of numerology, explaining the occult significance of number and their influence and relation to human life.

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Remedial measures by offering Pooja

In Indian astrology the ancient Indian astrologer have mentioned that evil planets often create mishap in one’s life so to ward off from their evil effect one has to take recourse of worshiping the daietes by offering Poja. I may also assist my followers on their behalf to ward of the evils which they are facing by conducting the necessary poja and worshiping the daieties. I will also sagest Yantra and mantra through which evil effects of the native may be ward off and he should get peace and prosperity in his life.

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Career (karma Kshetra )

Love (love meter: to purchase this application )

Dampatya Sukh (Conjugal Life )

Santan Bhaw

Mata Pita Aur Kutumb Bhaw

Financial (Dhan Bhaw )

Vahan Makan Jameen Bhaw

Health (Markesh Vichar )

Enemy Problem


Mantra Pooja or Yagya For Grah Shanti

Sanctification Of Gemstone (Pran Pratishta nam gotra rashi aur kundali ke anusar )

Information of all nine divya ratnam