Sun is the controller of sharpness of mind, beauty and vitality of body, longetivity of life, controls skin, eye and brain etc. He gives success, fulfils desires . Metal- Copper, Gold.
Mantra(Tantric) :- Oum hreen hreen Suryay namah !
Function and power of mind, peace of mind, meditation, resistance against cold. Metal is silver.
Mantra :- Oum ain hreen Somay namah !
Protects from dangers, blood related ailments, landed property, status, affluence in profession, saves from debt trap.
Mantra :- Oum hreen shreen Manglay namah !
Higher education, business, intellect, pleasant appearance, depression, family matters, savings, Peace of mind, makes impartial, youthful, delightful.
Mantra :- Oum ain shreen shreen Budhay namah !
Success, respect from others, leadership, cleanliness, controls evil effect of others. He is compassionate and thinks only of others' welfare, religious attribute.
Mantra :- Oum ain kleen Brihaspatye namah!
Creates sexual appeal in the wearer. Family life, attraction between spouse . Solves marriage related conflicts, livelihood, Accumulation of wealth, taste, jewellery, landed properties, controls obesity.
Mantra :- Oum hreen shreen Shukray namah!
Responsible for cruelty and irritations in life, chronic dieases, accidents, enmity, financial crisis, depression of mind, slowdown in economy or business, Justice, Equality. Impartiality.He is reserved, rebellious, lethargic, inactive. His puja should be observed with the strictest vigil to avoid his wrath.
Mantra :-Oum ain hreen shreen shanaishchray namah!
Responsible for insanity, Craziness, epilepsy, conflicts, fights, travelling meaninglessly, Reckless, detrimental.
Mantra :- Oum ram Rahwe namah!
Increase influence in society. Bestows luxuriant life, intuituion, innovative ideas, high moral values.
Mantra :- Oum kem Ketwe namah!